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It’s essential for businesses that depend on foot traffic to invest in high-quality customized signage. Even offices and other establishments must post informational signs that can passively assist their employees and guests or a distinctive outdoor character that will make their building stand out.

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So whenever you need durable and attractive signage, work with a trusted Fulton sign company like Signal Signs and Graphics!

We are a team of signage experts that handles all the steps in signage production in our local shop. With top-of-the-line equipment and years of professionally helping different businesses with their marketing goals, we confidently guarantee a time-efficient service that yields long-lasting and attractive results.

Our signage experts meticulously customize every sign we deliver. From the design and finishing to the dimensions and material of your signage, all details will be finalized based on your preferences, specified budget, and signage purpose.

Talk to us today, and we can begin discussing your signage and customization options immediately!

Call Signal Signs and Graphics today at (707) 657-6786 for your Free Consultation with a Fulton Sign & Graphics expert!

Signs That Work for You

Signal Signs and Graphics is a Fulton sign company fully dedicated to providing clients with the best possible signage solution.

Fulton Sign Company 3D Letter Acrylic Lobby Sign in Irvine CA 1200x852 1 300x213Whether you need custom signs to improve your visibility, promote your business, display vital information, or enhance the atmosphere within your establishment, we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect signage for you!

We will consider your budget, personal style preferences, and business needs as we go through the customization process. It’s our goal to produce custom signs that are durable and unique enough to make your business stand out from your competitors, making your brand more memorable to your target audience.

Our customization process includes the following aspects:

Signage type

Signal Signs and Graphics has plenty of signage options. We can deliver all kinds of custom signs and graphics that you may use indoors or outdoors. Included in your choices are the following:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital signs
  • Electronic signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Vinyl graphics

We can help you choose the most effective based on your intended purpose. Some signs are better suited indoors, while others will be more effective if they’re installed outdoors. We will also consider the time you plan to use your signage or if updates are unavoidable shortly.


Another aspect that will be tailored to your specific needs is the signage material. Your budget will play a massive part in this decision. Our team will ensure that the material we’ll use has the best durability and overall quality possible for your budget.

We will also choose the material that can withstand the condition of your installation area. Some materials can easily last for a long time indoors, but other outdoor signs sometimes need more reinforced material for an extended usage period.


The look of each signage is the first thing that people will notice. So naturally, we take great care in customizing the design of your signage. Whether it’s an outdoor sign carrying your business name or an indoor information graphic, we will give it a highly visible, easily understandable, and eye-catching design.

We will also be sure to take your branding guidelines into account. We will customize your signs to have a design that conveys your brand image. This can be achieved using your brand colors, signature fonts, logo, and slogan.

Installation area

One more thing that makes your signage effective is its location. So aside from customizing the signage, we can also help you choose the best area to install your new business sign. This way, you can select a high-traffic area to maximize the sign’s visibility and marketing impact.

The Right Signage for Your Business

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Signal Signs and Graphics caters to all kinds and sizes of businesses. This means we customize signs for different budget ranges and tailor our products to our client’s specific business and industry.

We pride ourselves in our meticulous customization process. Our team ensures that if you invest in our signs and graphics, you will see a significant return in terms of improved business performance and better indoor aesthetics.

Included in the factors that we consider when customizing the proper signage for your business are:

Brand image

Branding relies on consistency. And Signal Signs and Graphics can help make your brand more memorable by consistently using the correct branding elements in all your signs and graphics. We’ll also tailor the overall appeal of your characters so they can match your brand image, which can be fun, professional, sexy, etc.

Building location

We will also consider your location when building your signage, especially if you need outdoor signs. This way, we can use the ideal materials that can withstand the environmental condition in your area. After assessing your surrounding buildings, we can adjust the height, width, and illumination of your signage accordingly.

Business hours

Another thing that we’ll take into account is your operating hours. If your business is open 24/7 or operates only at night, we can provide custom illuminated signs.

The bottom line is that no matter your specific business needs, our team can customize the most ideal sign for you!

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

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People’s first impression of your business can be the difference between a constant flow of customers and a lack thereof. This is why you need to put up an attractive, obvious outdoor sign that will direct people to your business and be impressed by it.

Whether you only need temporary promotional signs or long-term outdoor sign that will act as your establishment’s landmark, Signal Signs and Graphics is the best Fulton sign company to work with. We can design, manufacture, and install your exterior sign in a way that will best set your business apart in a good way.

The different kinds of outdoor signs that we offer include the following:

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

Indoor signs are as vital as outdoor signs. It would be best if you made them as attractive and dynamic as possible to make your establishment more appealing to customers and guests.

For most businesses, indoor signs can be used for branding, promotions, and wayfinding. Other types can be preventive and informative signs that aim to provide employees with a safe and efficient workplace. And, of course, there are indoor signs that are purely decorative.

Some of the indoor signs that we customize are the following:

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

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Various types of signage can be made from vinyl. This versatile and durable material enables us to turn them into indoor or outdoor signs.

They can withstand frequent temperature changes and are resistant to fading as well. This is especially true with the high-quality ink we use for realizing high-resolution custom designs.

Among our different kinds of vinyl signs and graphics are the following:

Complete Commercial Signage Company

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As a full-service Fulton, CA sign company, our team is equipped and capable of completing the entire signage production process efficiently and with high quality. We have experts that specialize in signage design, manufacturing, and installation.

Our in-house graphic designers have great eyes for details. We will ensure that the final look of your signage will reinforce your branding efforts and meet your personal style preferences. We will be basing our customized design on your ideas, existing branding guidelines, and the intended purpose of your signage.

And after you’ve approved the design, our manufacturing team will realize the plans with durable yet cost-effective materials. We guarantee a time-efficient process that will yield high-quality and long-lasting results. And once your signage is complete, our installation team will complete the project in a safe operation. We will also take note of any signage regulation that applies in your locality.

Our Commitment to You

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If you work with us, Signal Signs and Graphics will always give our 100% dedication to complete our production promptly but without compromising your sign’s durability and overall appeal.

Even better, we will also customize your signs and graphics for your set budget range. This way, you can get the best quality for the invested amount.

Contact Signal Signs and Graphics today at (707) 657-6786 for your Free Consultation with a Fulton Sign & Graphics expert!