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Cotati Window Film


Vinyl is a durable and versatile material widely used in the signage-making industry. And one of the great products that can be made from vinyl is window film. You can use it for decorative, messaging, branding, and privacy purposes.

custom promotional window vinyl restaurant

Signal Signs and Graphics can design, produce, and install customized Cotati window films. We can tailor them to fit your specific budget, installation area, brand image, and personal style preference. We also use high-quality ink and vinyl, so you can trust that our window films won’t fade or tear easily.

You can choose the style, texture, shape, and size you want for your window films. Tell us your goals so we can help you finalize the details, ensuring that your window films will be as practical and durable as possible.

Talk to us today, and we can begin planning right away. Rest assured that with our expertise, equipment, and eye for detail, we can deliver the best window films that maximize your investment.

Call Signal Signs and Graphics today at (707) 657-6786 for your Free Consultation with a Cotati Window Film expert!

Promotional Displays

custom vinyl window displayOne great benefit that you can have from our custom Cotati window films is the ability to showcase dynamic promotional displays. This is especially useful for retail stores and service providers with front windows, walls, or doors that can help increase customer traffic.

Our signage experts at Signal Signs and Graphics can help make your establishment more distinguishable from surrounding buildings. With an eye-catching and compelling window display, you can entice people to visit your store, check out your products, or avail themselves of your services.

Promotional window graphics can be vinyl lettering, more extensive graphics, or full window films. You can choose which of these best fits your budget or style preference. If you only want minimal designs, vinyl lettering may be more appropriate. Large-format vinyl graphics might be best if you wish your front window to be as appealing as possible.custom vinyl car window graphics

Regardless of what type you choose, we will do our best to customize it with a high-impact design. You don’t have to worry about too much expense since we tailor our products to your budget. And since vinyl window graphics are easy to remove, updating your future promotional window display will be convenient and budget-friendly.

Privacy Window Film

Businesses operating in rented spaces can often not make significant structural changes, such as replacing entire glass panels for better privacy. Others may also not prioritize having frosted glasses due to financial reasons.

frosted privacy filmBut no matter your specific obstacle, Signal Signs and Graphics offers our high-quality Cotati window films as an alternative solution for your privacy goals!

Our vinyl window films are undoubtedly more affordable than etched or frosted glass. You even have various design and texture options, so not only will you achieve privacy, but you can also showcase the particular style or branding elements that you like.

Different kinds of businesses commonly use frosted films. They give off a soft and relaxing vibe which often fits the atmosphere that various establishments aim for, such as clinics, offices, and service providers. They also come with a matte finish that can shade or reduce your space’s glare.

One-way mirror films are another type of window film that we highly recommend. We offer them in various styles, grades, and shades. The distinct feature of this film is that it gives your windows two kinds of sides: a somehow transparent side and a highly reflective one. Essentially, it can provide privacy to your room while still allowing you to see outside. Additionally, one-way window films can provide extra protection against UV rays.

Full-Service Sign Company

Signal Signs and Graphics is proud to be one of the most trusted Cotati, CA, sign companies. We abide by the industry’s highest standards for the overall quality of our signs and graphics, as well as the quality of our customer service.

custom vinyl letteringOur entire team comprises expert individuals specializing in the different aspects of signage production: design, manufacturing, and installation. We also utilize commercial-grade equipment and high-quality signage materials, so the resulting products are guaranteed to be long-lasting while the process is done efficiently.

Aside from our window films, we customize other business signs for indoor or outdoor use. These include the following:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital signs
  • Electronic signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Yard signs

…and many more!

Talk to our signage experts today to choose which best fits your messaging goal and budget.

Free Window Film Consultation

Cotati Window Film signal logo 300x67High-quality window films help you maximize your marketing opportunities. Since windows are already a part of your building, utilizing them for marketing purposes is a practical move. You can now display informational and promotional messages without taking up floor space.

Window films also help you provide privacy for your office without too much expense. They can even be purely decorative graphics inviting more people into your business.

Even better, they are convenient to remove and replace. You can keep up with the seasons or quickly update your promotional displays and current business details without requiring another significant investment or labor-intensive replacement process.

Discuss your signage needs with our team today, and we can start customizing the suitable window film for you immediately. We will tailor every detail to fit your brand image, messaging purpose, and budget.

Call Signal Signs and Graphics today at (707) 657-6786 for your Free Consultation with a Cotati Window Film expert!