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Rohnert Park Pylon Signs


Are you aiming for increased customer traffic? Our customized Rohnert Park pylon signs can help you!

custom tenant pylon sign

Signal Signs and Graphics understands how important visibility is for businesses that rely on customer traffic. And with our pylon signs’ towering height and effectiveness in highway advertising, they can help increase your business’s visibility and improve your overall performance.

We are an all-around signage provider that manufactures durable and attractive pylon signs. We also ensure that our pylon signs are customized with eye-catching designs to make your brand stand out. Our team utilizes the most durable material that fits your budget so your signage can withstand extended usage.

Our custom pylon signs are handy for any business. Whether you own a stand-alone business or a multi-tenant building that needs an outdoor sign to promote all its tenants, we can customize the best pylon sign that meets your visibility and branding needs!

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

The height of pylon signs already makes them hard to ignore.

pylon illuminated sign boxesPeople passing this signage will have little to no chance of missing your establishment. This is why our Rohnert Park pylon signs are also significant landmarks as much as they are effective advertising tools.

And there is even a way to make them more eye-catching—illumination!

You can use illuminated sign boxes with your pylon signs so they can effectively advertise your business 24/7. Whether it’s nighttime or a particularly gloomy day, your customers can easily spot your location from a distance.

This makes them a famous outdoor sign for convenience stores, gas stations, hotels, bars, and diners.

Affordable Tenant Signs

Aside from businesses that open only at nighttime or establishments that run 24/7, Rohnert Park pylon signs are also ideal for multi-tenant buildings.

custom tenant signThey can effectively carry multiple sign panels to display the name of each tenant, letting the public know them even if they are in the inner part of your building.

These multi-tenant pylon signs are mainly used by malls, business parks, and commercial offices leased by different offices. And depending on your budget or preferred aesthetics, the sign panels can be customized in various ways. You can always opt for illuminated sign panels, interchangeable faces, or digital displays.

You can also choose if all panels will have the same uniformed fonts or will be using the specific branding elements of each tenant. Regardless of your choice, Signal Signs and Graphics can help you finalize the customization details to ensure maximum attractiveness and durability.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

Pylon signs are intended to help promote your business for a long time.

custom pylon signThey are installed by the road, exposing them to various elements 24/7. They will also withstand changing weather conditions—these warrant durable, cost-effective materials that can last long.

Fortunately, Signal Signs and Graphics guarantees durable pylon signs for all our clients. Our signage experts don’t just pay particular attention to making your signage attractive and compelling. We also ensure that the materials we use and how we structure your pylon signs are tailored to the environmental condition of your installation area.

Some of the strengthening techniques that we utilize are using structural steel frames, aluminum coverings, and metal reinforcements. Our team also employs painting techniques that can protect your signage from rusting and oil canning. We can even add a protective coating to your sign faces to keep them from fading for a long time.

Full-Service Sign Company

Whenever you need high-quality business signs, Signal Signs and Graphics is arguably the best Rohnert Park, CA, sign company you can work with. We specialize in customizing different signage that can help in any of your messaging, branding, and decorative goals.

Outdoor Tenant Pylon SignOur team can handle all steps in signage production with precision and efficiency. We have graphics designers who make your signs and graphics as eye-catching and compelling as possible.

Our manufacturing team will then take the lead in making your signage design with skills honed by years of experience and the use of top-of-the-line equipment.

And after your signage is done, the job will be completed by our installation team, whose process is guaranteed to be safe and efficient. We will plan the installation properly by considering the size of the area, possible hazards that will affect your signage, and any signage regulations in your locality.

Even better, we make more than just high-quality Rohnert Park pylon signs. We can also deliver all types of customized signs and graphics that you can use for indoor and outdoor purposes. Please tell us what you need, and we’ll customize the appropriate signage as soon as possible!

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

Rohnert Park Pylon Signs signal logo 300x67Pylon signs are a worthwhile investment for every business looking to maximize its visibility. They can help you gain customers, mainly if you illuminate your pylon them. This makes your establishment visible at night and allows your customers to set you apart from your competitors easily.

Call Signal Signs and Graphics today at (707) 657-6786 for your Free Consultation with a Rohnert Park Pylon Sign expert!